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Designer does not incur any responsibility for quality or construction of purchased or fabricated items, nor any responsibility for delivery times or led times for fabrication.

Client and contractor are responsible for review and verification of dimensions or quantities. Designer has no control over market conditions, availability of labor, contractor or fabricator's method of pricing or construction.

Client shall provide reasonable access to the Premises for Designer and Designer's agents required to perform the Services. Client understands that the peace and privacy of Client's space may be disrupted for the time required to perform the work.

Client is responsible for necessary permits and approvals from building management for proposed designs and construction. Client is also responsible for providing a place to receive, unpack, and store products prior to installation , and for providing approvals expeditiously.

Design Boards & Proposals, Client acknowledges that Designer's design boards and proposed specifications, including the design scheme, may include written materials or documentation that describe, support, or engender concepts, ideas, instructions, samples, related materials or documentation, photographs, drawings, schematics and copies of the foregoing, all of which may be subject to copyright, patent, trademark, right(s) of publicity and/or attribution rights (collectively, "Proprietary Rights"). Designer hereby reserves all right, title and interest in and to such Proprietary Rights, Whether registered or registerable, patented or patentable. Client agrees to not challenge the validity or enforceability of Designer's Proprietary Rights. Proposals and the Design Concept are proprietary and exclusive to Designer, and Client shall not copy, distribute, or make Proposals available to any third party without Designer's express written permission. Under no circumstances shall Client alter or remove, efface or obscure any trademarks, labels or other proprietary notices, except with Designer's express written permission. Client shall have the unlimited right to the quiet use and enjoyment of the results and proceeds of the Design Concept in the Project and any Proprietary Rights embodied therein upon completion of the Project by Designer.

Drawings. Designer's drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent, they are not to be used for architectural or engineering purposes. Services do not include modifications to structural, heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, ventilation or other mechanical systems in the Project.

Photographs. client agrees to allow Designer to photograph the Project during all stages of development, including after project completion, and use the photographs or any part thereof in connection with any marketing, promotional and/or advertising campaigns of Designer. Photographs will be used for business purposes and will not disclose Client's name without prior consent. 

Marketing. client hereby grants Designer permission to include a description of the project in any marketing, promotional and/or advertising campaigns, and Designer shall obtain permission from Client prior to using Client's name and/or street name.

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